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8 Head Auto Computerised hat / cap Embroidery Machine , Dahao computer

Model.NO Needle.NO Head space(mm) Embroidery size(mm) speed (rpm) Machine size(mm) Weight(kgs) Power(kw)
HFII-C908 9 400 450*400 250-1000 4160*1200*1450mm 1040 1.5
HFII-C1208 12 400 450*400 250-1000 4160*1200*1450mm 1040 1.5
8 head embroidery machine ,9/12 needles are available upone request . 
Main Features

· Multi-Languages are Available, Such As English, Portuguese, Spanish French Dutch, Turkish, German and more
· Automatic Thread Trimmer
· Max Running Speed 850rpm
· Automatic Thread Trimmer
· 5" LCD Show The Real Embroidery Status
· Auto Color Change
· Auto Thread Breaking Detection
· Pre-Sew Design Trace Capable
· Max Memory Capacity 2,000,000 Stitches

Control Panel

· Dahao 328, 5” High Definition Color Lcd Display Showing Real Time Stitching
· User-Friendly Operation Interface With Useful Functions That Make It
  Easy To Operate And Increase Efficiency.
· Machine reads multiple design formats, such as DST, DSB and more.
· High definition true color 5” LCD screen.
· Multi-angle rotational and adjustable control panel bracket for a better view.
· Recessed USB port to protect USB flash drive.
· Main operation area located on the right side of interface, convenient
  for right thumb operation.

Want To Embroidery On Caps?
The Quick Change Cap System Comes On Every HEFENG Machine
2*Cap Rings Per Head That Snap
Into Cap Station For Preparation
And Then Embroidery

1*Cap Driver Per Head That Snap
Into Embroidery Machine’s Bracket
Holder For Hoops.
1*Hoop Station Per Machine For Easy
Snap In & Snap Out Preparation Of Caps
Want To Embroidery On T-shirts?
T-Shirt Frame And Hoops Will Be Offered
2 Round Hoops 9cm                    2 Round Hoops 12cm

2 Round Hoops 15cm            2 Round Hoops 19cm
2 square hoop 31.5*39cm