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24 Heads High Speed Embroidery Machine For Lady Dress / Curtain / Textile



1. 80mm width bigger machine head box  
2.  Hanging type wide needle bar case                         
3.  Quality TATAMI and speed no lowering for 7mm stitch             
4.  Perfect 3D embroidery with 4mm EVA and                                                                      
5.  Good lace connecting, No wrinkle in ultra-thin fabric              
6.  High working efficiency and excellent trimming system            
7.  Optional devices: sequin, chenille and cording, boring                    
8.  Efficiency can be up to 95% of Tajima                          
9.  Machine life: 8 ~ 10 years

1.   Bridge type machine structure
2.   DAHAO 366 8“LCD computer with USB port
3.   All servo motors system, Joint developed with DAHAO, Originate the unique embroidery
4.   Original imported KHS-12RYP or MTQ hook
5.   German Continental timing belt and customized belt wheel, top pinpoint embroidery
6.    Upper thread holding system can be optional
7.    With standard accessories
1.    Lady dress
2.    Fashion dress
3.    Soft furnishing, like curtain, bedding, home texitle, wallpaper, leather sofa etc. 
4.    Anything that you can think of

Model No. Needle No. Head No. Head Space Embroidery Area Speed Machine size
HFV-920 9 20 330 330/660*850MM 1200RPM 8825*2860*1600MM
HFV-924 9 24 330 330/660*1300MM 1200RPM 9485*2860*1600MM
HFT-920 9 20 330 330/660*850MM 1500RPM 10145*2860*1600MM
HFT-924 9 24 330 330/660*1300MM 1500RPM 9485*2860*1600MM

Feature Advantage:

» High speed
  HE FENG embroidery machines are capable of running at 1500rpm under local working conditions

» Rotary hook
Adopt Japanese KOBAN hook, enables best quality and better productivity

» All servo motors system
Energy efficient, low production cost, high performance cost and longer life

» Optional devices
Sequin, cording, beading, chenille, boring etc achieve fashion business

» Solid Structure
Due to this unique property our machine are more stable during production and so less vibration and ensures longer life.

» Heavy duty parts:
HE FENG uses the best quality parts in our machines, 80% of them can be compatible with Tajima. so that it stays reliable in tough local and climatic conditions.