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Embroidered sweater

Into the winter, the cold air strikes across the country still hinder the sister's travel footsteps, embroidery + sweaters, so fashion will not be reduced due to seasonal changes, along with He Feng appreciate the star embroidered sweater fashion.

Four three-dimensional embroidered tiger embellishment in the sweater, although the actress wearing sunglasses, head down, still can not hide out of the gas field a powerful domineering side.

A variety of colors with embroidery sweater, soft and delicate touch, wearing gray and comfortable, absolutely no thorns feeling. Have free and easy side, but also with some small fresh feeling.

This red and black embroidery sweater embellished with embroidered cats, retro and delicate, add lovely actress side, full of sweet ah!

Exquisitely crafted embroidery always makes people happy, when a bunch of big flowers to wear on the body, then the cold weather has become very pleasant. With jeans, let the gray winter, add some amazing atmosphere.

In addition to a gray hat, this ride is simply a black! This is to participate in more solemn occasions to wear out, chest a small bouquet of roses, but also confirms the actress's beauty.

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