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Phone shell may seen a lot, but embroideryed you may not!

In May, it was a good season to travel. In addition to a refreshing casual sportswear, a sunny hat sunny fashion, of course, out of the phone is also essential. Whether in the meal, take the bus, subway, waiting, travel, mobile phones increasingly become an important part of our lives. With the mobile phone population increased year by year, but also quietly driven mobile phone shell market all the way higher, of course, embroidery shell market, especially in 2017 is hot! Small partners, let us go to understand the embroidery phone shell, will bring more surprises slightly!

In 2017, "mobile phone shell embroidery customization service" has become a simple and stylish way of life, in order to pursue individuality, many consumers like to change the phone shell and decoration, DIY the phone shell with embroidery has become a fashion

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