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Embroidery on shoes,Do you really notice

In the embroidery industry for a long time, more or less there will be some "professional habits". Of course, every time shopping, vision will be alive with such as embroidery patterns and walk, will think about what technology embroidery, what embroidery! Head of the hat, the clothes on the feet, the foot of the shoes. In front of several weeks to complete the hat, mobile phone shell embroidery, clothing embroidery. This time to talk about shoes on the embroidery landscape! Whether it is high heels, flat shoes or sports shoes, I believe there is always a let you heart!

NO.1 European style embroidery shoes




Shoes and embroidery craft perfect combination of embroidered shoes is a perfect art. In recent years, the first brand shoes will be embroidered into the modern footwear and carry forward, not only for the brand enterprises to bring new sales market, also highlights the customer fashion trend cool.

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