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Super high speed embroidery machine

The speed for super high speed embroidery machine is 1500 RPM, the stable work speed is 1200-1300 RPM. Create a new era on the embroidery techniques.
We assume the cost price ( labour cost, material cost, machine site cost ) is 600 RPM.

Machine modle The stable work  speed Cost price Profit
Normal machine 750 600 150
High speed machine 1000 600 400
Super high speed machine 1250 600 650
The obvious advantage for the super high speed machine is reflect on the above form. And the profit compare is as follows:
Super high speed machine VS normal machine: (650-150)/150=3.33
Super high speed machine VS high speed machine: (650-400)/400=0.62
The status indicates:
1) The profit for the super high speed machine is 3.33 higher than the normal machine;
2) The profit for the super high speed machine is 0.62 higher than the high speed machine.
Once you invest small part for the machine while the profit is much higher and can earn one more machine in one year.
Of course, you will have the query that higher speed, more thread-breakage, will reduce the efficient. We test a lot and prove that even if add the head, fasten the speed, the thread-breakage keep the same. If the thread-breakage is added, that means the technology innovation is failed. And our company won't survive.
The thread we used on the machine on CISMA fair is the normal one on the market. There is a saying” Seeing is believing, facts speak louder than words”.  Thanks for the trust from the old and new customers, we will try our best to finish the order for super high speed machine and send to you soon.

For more details and inquiry, pls contact us: cxs@hefengmachine.com